What would you like me to write about..??

As you may be aware, I started writing this educational blog about Shipping and Freight in 2008..

So far, I have written 451 articles on this blog covering a variety of topics which you can view per month, per post and per category..

I started this blog as a source of reference and help for the newcomers to the industry but through the years, I found that I could connect and share views with many people already in the industry..

Many of you have commented on a lot of the articles and contributed immensely to the site through your questions and discussions for which I thank you..

What do you want me to write aboutBut the shipping and freight industry being a vast ocean (pun intended), what I have written so far is only a drop in the same ocean (pun intended again) and there are a lot more topics that I plan to write about..

So while considering some of the articles, I thought why not ask my readers “What would YOU like me to write about next..??..

So go on, use the comments section below and let me know what topics you would like to read on this blog and I will be happy to write about it.. 🙂

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