What does UN Number mean in haz cargo..??

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2 comments on “What does UN Number mean in haz cargo..??”

  1. By krishna Reply

    Hi Ashwini,
    UN number refers to United nations number assinged to the particular chemicals which is dangerous if not handled properly..carriers will value the importance of UN number assigned in the IMO regulations and will accept booking based on the safety precautions were taken aside…In north american alone there are few commodities which wont fall under Hazardous effect,they give a new number called NA 1993(instead of UN),it means this is not regulated hazardous cargo and can be treated like normal cargo,but other countries doesn’t have this specified number for non regulated DG cargoes…Trust the above assists.

    Ex Lufthansa cargo Ag staff.DGR CAT 3 qualified professional with FIATA iata cargo diploma holder ..