What are the requirements to become a Freight Forwarder..??

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7 comments on “What are the requirements to become a Freight Forwarder..??”

  1. By Winta Reply

    Am a cargo agent and i want to be afreight forwarder.what other additional and basic information can you give me to become freight forwarder?

  2. By manaadiar Reply

    Hi Margy, thanks for your comment.. To start a freight forwarding biz in SA, is there anything that one needs to do specifically..??

  3. By Margy Pedder Reply

    Before venturing into the business of Freight Forwarding I would suggest the following books, which are available on order from SAAFF – “Fiata: The Law of Freight Forwarding” and the “Legal Handbook on Forwarding”. Also available from SAAFF are the “Guides to International Logistics – Seafreight Forwarding and Airfreight Forwarding”
    Regarding the question on NVOCC’s, to get a full understanding of the subject, I would suggest the following links – http://mhlnews.com/distribution/outlog_story_6941/ , the FMC licencing procedure – http://www.joc.com/2010/10-steps-fmc-licensing-oti-0, and for further information on the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) go to (www.fmc.gov).

  4. By Balaji Ardhanari Reply

    To set up a Freight forwarding unit , one need not necessarily have to have an NVOCC operation.
    In fact these two are complimentary ,but totally two different business models.
    The role , responsibility & liability of an Nvo and a Frt fgwdr is also different. (I am not sure of the local laws n practise in SA).

  5. By Alexander Robertson Reply

    I do not think it will be necessary to have a NVOCC license. If you do obtain the license, you will need to confirm to SARS that you will accept any cargo damage or shortage claims which may result from shipments under your NVOCC, this aspect being misunderstood by most who operate under such a license. Any NVOCC is basically the carrier of the cargo and as such accepts all liability for any loss. The best way to start with obtaining a license will first making contact with a groupage operator overseas and establish if you can act as they agent here and once you have that in place, approach SARS to obtain the necessary license after having put up the required bonds with Customs.

    • By Ritesh

      Hi…. we are buyer and gave container to our supplier now who will be pay THC & Origin Charges and detention charges … ( as container provided by us and payment terms is fob basis)

    • By hassan

      Really when we start anew things, the beginning is very difficult to us especially starting business like freight forwarding company . as i noticed the most of FF co get supported from shipping line which has a separate business in this field
      also u can start this business if u have contract with a lot of agents in the different area but the main question to start
      this business or any business u have to know who are ur clients . if u have clients or know clients by ur experiences , go ahead and start this business