Update to House Bill of Lading is Dangerous

This is an update to my original article “House Bill of Lading is Dangerous” where we had some discussions surrounding the safety aspect or lack thereof, of using a House Bill of Lading for your shipments..

In the article, I asked for your opinion on the subject and asked for you to vote on your thoughts on the matter..

Well, you came, you read and you voted (at least 73 of you voted) and below are the results of the vote..

If you haven’t voted you can still vote by going to the original article..

image for HBL poll
The results are self-explanatory and clear enough.. As I mentioned in the original article, the “key” is to exercise due diligence and safeguard yourself against shipping and freight fraud whether a HBL or MBL is involved..

You can view the latest results of this poll at anytime by clicking this link..


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2 comments on “Update to House Bill of Lading is Dangerous”

  1. By Annmarie Budde Reply

    Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank UPS Bill of Lading?