UPDATE – Shipping lines will accept responsibility for their mistakes – True or False..??

Further to my post regarding incorrect routing of a container and the shipping lines liability, please see below news article from FTW Magazine ( A South African based Freight & Trade Weekly) which gives feedback from some of the experts in the South African shipping and legal industry about this case..

Trust this will help..

Click here to read the article..

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2 comments on “UPDATE – Shipping lines will accept responsibility for their mistakes – True or False..??”

  1. By A Clive Reply

    Good day Hariesh
    In commenting on developments to date (including that of the respected and knowledgeable shipping journos and legal eagles) Shipping Lines that are indeed covered by (and hide behind) the clauses / terms & conditions of the B/L also offer added values / incentives by way of service delivery and of this there are many inter alia schedule integrity / transit times / direct service etc.
    In this case the Line would have issued a ‘booking confirmation’ with a reference number detailing the shipment that includes rating / routing and transit times etc and if this is available then perhaps herein lies the case for ‘delict’ .
    ps : those unfamiliar with legal terms may look it up in the dictionary ….oops! do believe the the modern way is to google …eish !