What is IMO 2020 and how you could be affected..

IMO2020 - shipping and freight resource

If you are in the shipping and freight industry you may have heard several whisperings, notices, loose talk, official talk, speeches etc about IMO 2020..

But what is this IMO 2020, who will be impacted and how will it affect your life in the shipping and freight industry..??

This article examines the impact of IMO 2020 on shipping lines and cargo owners, the options available and how this lower sulphur emission standards can be achieved..

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Once upon a time there was a container called Casey…..

Casey the Container - shipping and freight resource - containercasey

If you are thinking, the title sounds like a storybook, YOU ARE RIGHT..!!

While the industry experts have their hands full with overcapacity, falling freight rates, maritime disasters, creating technology, adapting to technology, mergers and acquisitions etc etc etc, Kristina Bowden has been quietly introducing a new angle to creating awareness about the world of shipping..

She has done this by creating “Casey the Container” the main character in a rhyming children’s book.. Yes, a children’s book..

How refreshing.. 🙂

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Mining, Energy sectors are key to South Africa’s maritime growth

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The Minister of Transport of South Africa, Dr Blade Nzimande, kicked off a two-day Maritime Transport Sector Dialogue on Thursday the 28th February 2019 at the Southern Sun Elangeni Hotel in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal..

This inaugural Maritime Transport Sector Dialogue will work towards promoting a strong relationship between government and private sector regarding developments, challenges, opportunities and transformation in the maritime sector..

Maritime stakeholders from government and the private sector, organized labour, shipping industry, business community and academia are attending the event..

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Updated information on Yantian Express General Average

Information article

Yesterday, I posted some questions relating to the consequences and process of General Average – once it is declared..

In a press release, ONE (Ocean Network Express) one of the alliance partners of Hapag Lloyd, have released further information relating to the Yantian Express which declared General Average on the 25th of January 2019..

The “Yantian Express” suffered a major fire resulting in both the vessel and a portion of the cargo suffering either fire or water damage..

ONE has released an update on the General Average security demand, latest salvage declaration details, a Salvage Guarantee Form and an overview of frequently asked questions (FAQ)..

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Maersk Line enters India’s inland waterways

Varanasi Multimodal terminal - shipping and freight resource

Coastal and domestic cargo movement using the nation’s rivers is certainly gaining popularity in India..

In what was seen as a landmark moment in the history of shipping in India in recent times, PepsiCo moved 16 containers on the MV RN Tagore (for Rabindranath Tagore) from Kolkata to Varanasi on river Ganga using the National Waterway-1..

This marked India’s first container cargo movement through inland waterways..

This was followed by Concor’s (Container Corporation of India Ltd,.) announcement that they are entering the coastal shipping market in India..

Concor kicked off their coastal shipping operation from Kandla to Tuticorin via Mangalore and Cochin with their first sailing on Thursday the 10th January 2019..

They used SSL Mumbai a container ship with 1613 TEUs which from Kandla in the West Coast to Tuticorin in the East Coast of India calling Mangalore and Cochin, en route, marking the start of a “unique multi-modal logistics solution” as it has been labelled..

Recently, Maersk Line, the world’s largest container shipping company moved16 containers on the river Ganga (National Waterway-1) from Varanasi to Kolkata..

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CMA-CGM launches its public tender offer for CEVA Logistics

CMA-CGM and CEVA Logistics - Shipping and Freight Resource

Since he took over the leadership of CMA-CGM Group in 2017 from his father Jacques Saadé, Rodolphe Saadé has made logistics a major focus of his development strategy..

As part of this strategy, in May 2018, CMA CGM confirmed its investment in CEVA Logistics, a global leading player in the logistics sector..

On the 12th of February 2019, CMA CGM launched its public tender offer for CEVA shares..

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Maersk announces acquisition of Vandegrift

shipping and freight news

Shipping lines seem to be strengthening their positions in the market with their growth strategies based on acquisitions of logistics service providers..

Close on the heels of CMA-CGM’s acquisition of a major stake in CEVA Logistics, Maersk has announced the acquisition of Vandegrift – a customs brokerage firm..

What is your opinion on the acquisition of these logistics service providers by shipping lines..?? Are they tramping on the toes of the traditional logistics service providers or will this benefit the market..?? 

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Maersk awarded Best Shipping Company at the TFG International Trade Finance Awards

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2018 was a catalyst for technological innovation in the trade and receivables space, which in turn, has helped enhance and facilitate global trade..

For banks, corporates and SMEs involved in complex supply chains, building innovative technologies and allowing interoperability between different parties will continue to be a force for good in terms of trade..

TFG commend the innovators, market makers and visionaries leading innovation in global trade, be that through distributed ledger technologies, APIs or the digitalisation of documents..

A.P. Moller – Maersk is amongst some of the many organisations recognised and commended for their contribution to the trade sector at the 2019 International Trade Finance Awards..

Maersk has been awarded “Best Shipping Company” by Trade Finance Global (TFG) for its work with Maersk Trade Finance product..

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The New York Supply Chain Meetup

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There is a discernible difference between Maritime, Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain industries.. All performing various functions, but all connected in the grand scheme of things, keeping the propellers of global trade churning..

In very simple terms, Supply Chain is the whole granddaddy process comprising of all aspects in a product cycle, for example from picking of the fruit at a farm in Point A to delivering the fruit to the shelf at a store in Point B using all of the above-mentioned industries, businesses and services..

By some estimates, inefficiencies in the global supply chain impose overhead costs of between 15% and 20% of global GDP cumulatively – supply chain inefficiencies dampen corporate profits and lower societal well-being..

This presents an opportunity to solve a large and pervasive global problem, and to significantly boost global economic growth and prosperity in the process..

We report on the latest with The New York Supply Chain Meetup who are on their 10th meetup with #TNYSCM10..

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