bbvsbufi - Difference between bulk and break bulk

Difference between bulk and break bulk

Bulk and Break bulk are two terms that are being used incorrectly and interchangeably during the course of day to day business.. These terms cannot be used interchangeably because there are distinctive differences between Bulk and Break Bulk in terms of cargo, nature, size, capacity, handling, trade, customers, ports, terminals, equipment, infrastructure......................................... How do you differentiate between the two..?? This infographic will help you understand clearly.. Read more

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Difference between…..

When I searched my site recently, I saw how many articles I had written about the "Difference between" something or the other.. Well, 29 so far to be exact.. This made me realise the importance of these two words and how it helps to clear up misconceptions and confusions.. Read on more to see all the posts about Difference between Read more