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If the carrier lost my cargo can I hold them liable..??

If the carrier lost my cargo can I hold them liable..?? This is the question from a reader Erik.. His problem is as below.. HUGE issue with a carrier. The carrier lost track of their container with our cargo load, soon after departure. The container was not found within 9 months and declared the cargo ‘lost’ […]

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Who should pay for securing the cargo in the container in an EXW deal..??

In a shipment on EXW terms – Who should pay for securing the cargo in the container..?? This is a question posed by a reader as below.. Here is my question :  – cargo (wine in cartons, on pallets) will be exported from France to the USA – the term of sale is EXW – […]

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Can cargo be released without collection of destination charges..??

Question from a reader from Turkey.. Please feel free to comment.. Ask your question here..: Dear Hariesh Hope doing well. I need your opinion to clarify a big doubt. Some cnee´s at Turkey received imports goods and original BL full set, with some pending charges payable at Turkey. Shipping line release the cargo without charges […]

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Business ethics vs Fraudulent behavior in exports

A request for help/guidance that i received from one of the readers.. Anyone out there that can help answer these questions..?? Anyone in the Trade or Legal fraternity..??  my company is in a little bit of a situation at present . 3 months ago we signe a contract for 2 x 40f containers of mattresses from […]

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Can I take ownership of cargo

Can I take ownership of cargo.. The shipping and freight industry sure is an interesting place with very different issues cropping up all the time.. Here’s one more case study that’s happened recently.. Scenario : Shipper ABC books cargo with a shipping line via a Forwarder Cargo is packed and container is shipped Bill of […]

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UPDATE – Shipping lines will accept responsibility for their mistakes – True or False..??

Further to my post regarding incorrect routing of a container and the shipping lines liability, please see below news article from FTW Magazine ( A South African based Freight & Trade Weekly) which gives feedback from some of the experts in the South African shipping and legal industry about this case.. Trust this will help.. Click […]

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Shipping lines will accept responsibility for their mistakes – True or False..??

A trick question..?? Lets discuss this with a case study of a case that is raging on in one of the social media forums.. A forwarder booked 2×20′ containers with a shipping line to Doha on behalf of his client.. Due to a mistake of the shipping line staff, the shipping line shipped 1×20′ to Doha […]

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Case study about incorrect sending of arrival notification

Further to my post regarding arrival notification to clients, one of the readers seems to have landed himself in hot water and is seeking assistance as below.. Any ideas/comments..?? Who is at fault here..?? The shipping line or the consignee..?? can some one help me on this issue… CARGO ARRIVAL was sent by me on […]

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