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Parts of a bill of lading – Part 2

Parts of a bill of lading – Part 2 This is Part 2 of a 4 part article.. In case you missed it, please read Part 1.. In this article we will cover the details relating to the voyage.. Pre-Carriage by : Assume that there is an inland point which is connected to the mainland port by means of a … Read more here..

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Manifest Correctors

What are manifest correctors..?? In Article 2 ( i wrote about what a manifest is, so you should have a clear understanding of it by now.. Once the manifest is updated in the shipping lines system and the bill of lading has been released, the documentation is deemed to be complete.. However, at times there are requests from the clients to … Read more here..

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Documents required by shipping lines for release of cargo

All shipping lines require certain documents prior to the shipment being released for imports or bill of lading being released for exports.. For normal containerised cargo release in south africa below docs are required.. Imports : Authorised SAD500 bearing the SARS stamp Authorised Cargo Dues Order bearing the Transnet stamp Original lines bill of lading (at least 1) if the … Read more here..

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Article 2 – Shipping Documents

In this article we will cover the various Shipping Documents used, especially in South Africa’s shipping process.. Here we will take a look at the main documents that are used in the process.. In all below, please read “port” as either seaport (Durban, Cape Town etc) or inland port (Johannesburg, Pretoria etc).. Certain other terms that are not clear to … Read more here..

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