The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage

The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage gives you an indepth explanation into the types of cargo damage and how to prevent cargo damage..

Global trade involves the movement of cargo in ships from point to point across continents and the vast oceans..

Seaborne trade accounts for almost 90% of the global trade, and with such a volume, it is inevitable that cargo damage may occur from time to time..

There are several people in the business of trading, who do not know or understand the types of cargo damage, how it happens, why it happens, how to prevent cargo damage and what needs to be done when faced with a cargo damage claim..

SEEK . LEARN . KNOW . GROW is the motto of this blog and in line with this motto, I have written The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage to assist those who are interested in understanding and learning about the types of cargo damages, the reason why it happens, the measures to be followed to prevent cargo damage and how it should be handled..

The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage

“The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage” is recommended for exporters and importers (whether first time or regular), traders, packing warehouses, shipping lines, transporters, cargo, freight claim handlers and freight forwarders..

If your niche is in

  • Handling containerised cargo as an exporter, importer, carrier or agent
  • Packing of containerised cargo
  • Transportation of containerised cargo
  • Loss control
  • etc etc etc

then this guide is for you..

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In order to get a full understanding of the subject, it is recommended that you read this guide all the way through, at least once, and then it may be used as a reference guide as and when needed..

You may have already read my “Beginner’s Guide to Importing“.. There will be a few more guides like this, so stay subscribed.. 

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