Testimonials about Shipping and Freight Resource

Below are some examples of how this blog has helped people learn about shipping and freight..

These testimonials come from real people, my valued readers some of whom are long time supporters of the blog..

It is touching to receive feedback like this which makes all of the hard work in running this blog worth it..

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.. đŸ™‚

Pamela Rosada – Uruguay

I can not thank you enough for all the help I received through this blog.

Being hired last July as Foreign trade agent (no previous experience nor related education) and STILL learning from you, we might say you own 80% of the credit for my success.

Best wishes , it is so comforting knowing there is people so generous around the globe đŸ™‚


Edward Cook 

Hi Hariesh

I am currently studying towards shipping exams, just initial papers about legal principles and general shipping business. Your blog has helped me to get more explanation of the tricky concepts that text books don’t always explain in plain English.

Keep up the good work!



Capt. Navin Paliwal – Master Mariner :

Dear Hariesh,

Hi. I am Capt. Navin Paliwal, i will take this opportunity to thank and appreciate your good work with this educational blog. I am a master mariner with over 12 years of experience on tanker vessels and have recently started working with a leading shipping agency in the middle east as Operations Manager.

Having changed my role from Technical Shipping to Commercial Shipping, i was desperately looking for educational blogs/ articles about Commercial and especially Liner Shipping that was when i came across your blog and found it really helpful. It has been able to answer most of my questions.

So once again i would like to thank you and wish you the very best in your life, career and your endeavors.




kangning Liang

Dear Mr Manaadiar Greeting! I am your big fan ex China, I just want to show my sincere gratitude here for those amazing articles, which enable me learn it and grow fast. For me, you are like legendary figure in this whole shipping business. Thank you again, and I think I wont miss a single blog of The resource written by you!


Tom Ross

Every time I think my job is getting boring all I need to do is read articles from this blog/website and I understand how much more there is to it and how interesting it actually is!

Thank you Mr. Manaadiar you are a true life saver




Must say this is a great platform for knowledge sharing, simple language, lucid illustrations…its a praise deserving effort! Keep at it!!!!..Priya


JD – Exporter

Thank you very much for the information, filling in a document from the bank and had no clue about what a UCR was. very well explained, anyone can understand it.

keep up the good work.


Opat – Newcomer to the industry :

Hello, I’m so a newbie in this field. I just started my work almost 3 months ago in a trading company. It’s a very challenging part doing all the things I had never heard. My predecessor only taught me the basic thing of my job for a week and I didn’t find this job quite interesting until I read sooo many terms I had not know.

Colleagues surely help me but I need to find things by myself also.

It’s such a blessing found this blog. Clear explanation and the readers are also interesting and actively interact to others.

Thank you.


Linda J Barry-Cooper – Bahamas Shipping :

As a new Logistics Coordinator for Bahamas Ships & Logistics I am always looking for good learning blogs and educational resopurces as it applies to the real-time shipping practices. I commend you for making this a reality and will continue to use as words of wisdom in the industry.


Anton Marsh – Publisher – FTW – Freight & Trading Weekly : 

This Shipping and Freight Resource by Hariesh Manaadiar is a great resource for people new to the shipping and freight industry to learn from case studies and the knowledge of experienced people in the industry.

As a new shipper or just someone looking to get some more information about how things work in shipping and freight, this is a great place to start looking and asking questions.

About FTW :

Freight & Trading Weekly‘s launch 39 years ago coincided with the introduction of containerisation in South Africa.

Since then it has evolved into an information bank for importers, exporters and their service providers, covering a wide range of information that is relevant to anyone conducting international trade from customs issues and market opportunities to transport and logistics news.

The weekly quick-read newspaper is supplemented by a range of special features, published monthly, which focus on areas of interest in the industry. These include Supply Chain Management, Electronic Solutions and Transport into Africa.


Martin Keck – Managing Director – CFR Freight :

This Shipping and Freight Resource is a very useful and user friendly educational website that explains a great deal about how the documentation and operational process of the container shipping and freight industry works. It also talks about pitfalls of not following the proper procedures. 

It is particularly useful for newcomers to the industry and also to exporters and importers who might need clarity or assistance on any issues affecting their work. If there are any issues that are not covered in this blog, users can ask questions on the blog.

The blog has a good following and its author Hariesh Manaadiar alongwith other readers of this blog respond to questions posted by people who need help. This is a great way of gaining and sharing knowledge.


Jacqui Merrington – Director – School of Shipping :

We find this blog to be of tremendous value to our learners, it is accurate and current.


Clive A – Retired shipping professional :

Good day Hariesh

Compliments on an exceptional Shipping blog . I thoroughly enjoy it even though I am working ‘out of retirement’ . I have introduced your blog to newly recruited personnel in the Shipping Industry and I recommend that your current readers / bloggers encourage their fellow personnel and friends to visit (and learn).


Vilas K Basutkar – Shipping Industry :

I have been working in shipping for almost 37 years of my life but still do not know shipping as its knowledge is like ocean. Lot of valuable data is hidden in this ocean of shipping.I am glad you have created this blog for people like us could share our knowledge with each other and keep this industry exciting all the time.


Greg Campbell – Newcomer to the Shipping industry :

Howzit Hariesh,

Thank you for these blog entries, I can’t tell you what a help they have been thus far. There is still so much to read but you are making my transition to this industry that much smoother.

I have been based in China for 6 years and am finally moving into sourcing, as I am a South African your blog is particularily relevant to me and I will no doubt be using it as a foundation now and a reference in the future.

Thanks again for your efforts in putting together such a well written valuable blog.