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Can the shipping line be held liable..??

Cargo is moving from A to C under a through bill of lading.. B is the transhipment port.. There are some customs inspections at transhipment point B for which the shipping line is asking the client to pay..

Client says that the shipping line should be liable..

Can the shipping line be held liable..?? Contribute your thoughts..

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Bill of Lading date for transhipment cargo

Question from a reader : Do you know if Bills of Lading record the dates when cargo is offloaded at transhipment port and loaded on another ship.

Would the bill of lading arriving at the final discharge port show the date of first loading or date of loading at transhipment port.

Answer inside 🙂

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Difference between transhipment and cargo in transit

You might have heard the terminology Transhipment and also Cargo in Transit.. It might be confusing to newcomers to the industry..

There is a big difference between the two and this article discusses these differences and explain how these two work..

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