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Executive Insights: CoLoadX CEO Fauad Shariff on giving shippers and forwarders what they really want

After two decades of experience in export and freight forwarding sectors, CoLoadX CEO Fauad Shariff has seen it all. In his current position at the helm of a marketplace for freight forwarders and NVOCCs, he’s trying to help freight forwarders solve the complexities of international logistics, rather than waste time and effort shopping for rates, or tracking shipments.

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Discussion Board

Welcome to the Discussion Board of Shipping and Freight Resource.. This discussion board will have forums dedicated to interactive discussions relating to Shipping and Freight.. You can click on the relevant forum below to view the topics and participate in the discussions for everyone to Seek – Learn – Know – Grow.. You can also post your own shipping and … Read more here..

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Shipping Questions and Answers

Have a shipping and freight related question..?? You are at the right place.. You can ask your shipping and freight question using the form below and either myself or other readers, will answer your question.. If you know the answers to questions that others have posted below, please feel free to answer them (please refer to the question # when … Read more here..

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Question from Charlott King

Name: Charlott King Email: hydrafab Website: http://hydra-jett.com Ask your question here..: Why is the state of Alabama charging us sales tax on the product because we are not taking it to there designated port in Mobile. Our customers are buying the product through the internet We ship all over the world and we go through a freight forwarder, No on … Read more here..

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