Investing in freight technologies – are you ready..?? Take this survey..

Transportation is the lifeblood of global supply chains. Whether it is raw materials, CKD (Completely Knocked Down), SKD (Semi Knocked Down), or FBU (Fully Built-Up), the movement of goods are handled through various modes – from origin to destination.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) in general, and transportation in particular, can be very complex. This involves the integration of information at various stages of the supply chain process and entails several modes of transport like road, rail, air and sea.

The role of technology has grown exponentially in the last decade. It has transitioned from a period when technology infrastructure was being developed to a period where the likes of Software-as-a-Service or cloud-based solutions have become a norm.

However, it is also true that a lot of BCOs and international logistics companies are still running their businesses on manual, archaic and other disparate systems.

We would like to understand how you are managing these turbulent markets, how integrated your systems are, and overall, we want to identify current logistic trends and best practices — could you help?

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