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Port delays and its consequences

Lets assume you are shipping a container from Durban to Nairobi which as per the map is not too far and you would expect it to reach Nairobi in a few days time by ship right..?? Wrong !! Currently it could take your container anything between 48-50 DAYS, yes DAYS to get it from Durban […]

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What is Short Ship and Short Land..??

What is Short Ship and Short Land..?? – was one of the questions asked by a reader of this blog.. A simple and basic question.. Short Ship – refers to a container that reaches the container terminal within the stack period for a certain ship, but is left behind by the operator of the vessel […]

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An all women South African ship crew makes history

Further to my previous post paying tribute to women in shipping in South Africa and everywhere else, SA women have put themselves on top again by completing a five day voyage with an all woman crew.. The SA Agulhas is South Africa’s ice-strengthened polar research vessel..  The ship recently completed a five day voyage with an all woman crew and on […]

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