Leaders and Visionaries in Shipping – Jacques Saadé

Jacques R Saadé

In any industry, there are Leaders and Visionaries who innovate, design, create and shape it, benefiting everyone in the chain.. The Maritime, Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain industries are no exception..

Through a series of articles, Shipping and Freight Resource would like to pay tribute to Leaders and Visionaries who shaped the modern day shipping industry..

In this article we offer tribute to one of the leaders and visionaries who shaped the shipping industry – Jacques R. Saadé – Founder Chairman of CMA CGM Group, who passed away in Marseilles on the 24th of June 2018..

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Want to ship liquid cargo in bulk in a container..?? No problem..

REEFLEX - Shipping and Freight Resource

If you have been wishing and looking for options to ship liquid bulk cargo in a container, your wish may have come true.. REEFLEX is an innovative idea combining the capabilities of a REEfer Container and a FLEXitank to create a transportation system developed by CMA-CGM for the shipping of liquid cargo in bulk in a container..

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