Are table tennis balls considered Dangerous Goods..??

Are table tennis balls considered Dangerous Goods..??


You may wonder why is this even a question as it is a teeny tiny table tennis that many people from children to adults use in schools, colleges, resorts, community centers etc etc..

Well, as per Shashi Kallada this question has been asked many times by shippers, carriers, ports and forwarders for many years and finally the answer has come through 19th Revised Edition of UN Model Regulations..

The International Table Tennis Federation rules for 40mm ball says………………………….

Visit the IMDG Code Compliance Centre to read the answer to this question..

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7 comments on “Are table tennis balls considered Dangerous Goods..??”

  1. By zittello Reply

    The new rule of ITTF ask the ball should me 40+mm and made of plastic instead of celulloid. Is this make the ball out of the IDMG list?

  2. By Khoo Jui Fang Reply

    Yes, Balls used for playing sports to be considered as exceptions for compressed gases and the material of celluloid.

  3. By Prabir Dasgupta Reply

    Excellent information. Could never imagine that table tennis balls could ever be hazardous cargo. Most informative and enriching. Many thanks Hareish .