Shipping jargon of the week

If you Google the word “Jargon” you will see it described as “special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand.”

The Shipping and Freight industry also has its own jargon, oh yes, and a lot of it usually flummoxes many people in the industry.. I was thoroughly confused with all these when I started out in the industry..

Starting this week (Week 9 of 2015), I will be explaining the various jargon that is used in day to day shipping work..

image for jargonThis may also include abbreviations commonly used but which may not be fully understood..

I have put up a widget on the sidebar titled SHIPPING JARGON that will show the Jargon for the week and every Sunday you will see a new jargon..

Please look at the side bar for this week’s jargon..

I have also included a link under the Topics menu in the main menu bar..

What jargon in shipping do you find difficult to understand..??

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