How are shipping containers made..??

How are shipping containers made..??

An interesting and informative video about the process of how shipping containers are made..

A must see video for everyone involved in Shipping and  Freight..

Read about the different types of containers, its uses, internal and external dimensions and other articles related to freight container below..

  1. Container Sizes and Dimensions – All Types
  2. Article 5 – Special Containers & its Cargoes – OOG/Reefer

Video from Marine Insight article

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5 comments on “How are shipping containers made..??

  1. Zalton says:

    why the surface of container are uneven?
    can somebody explain? Thanks.

    1. Hi Zalton, do you mean why the sides are corrugated..?? If so, corrugated profiles are used to enhance the strength and rigidity of the container.. Read about the anatomy of a shipping container..

  2. Thanks, that’s interesting!

  3. Leandro Neves says:

    Nice article!

    1. cargotrax says:

      Very nice article.

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