Pallet wide Containers

Ever heard of Pallet wide containers..?? No..?? Well now you have..

The container shipping industry is a dynamic and constantly evolving industry with many different types of containers being developed and customised to suit the various needs of the market/trade, some global, some regional and some local..

Previously I have written an

In this article I will cover a regional container type that is used mostly within Europe..

In the European trades, a certain type of pallet size 1200×800×144 mm is used.. It is a four-way pallet made of wood that is nailed with 78 special nails in a prescribed pattern.. To accommodate the loading of these Euro pallets, a new container type called the Pallet Wide (PW) Container was created.. Externally it is no different than a normal ISO standard container..

Internally however, these containers are slightly wider than the dimensions of a standard ISO container.. A standard ISO container’s internal width is 2.348 m whereas the PW has an internal width of 2.438 m..

This difference enables a European customer to load 30 Euro-pallets in a 40’ Pallet-Wide-Container in comparison to 25 in a 40’ standard container..

This method of stowing the pallets also reduces the risk of the cargo slipping (moving) during transport.. These containers are also heavy tested so there is no issues with payload capacity of these containers..

Image credit CGT-SeaCell

ISO Codes for these PW containers are

  • 20′ PW High Cube – 2EG1
  • 40′ PW – 4CG1
  • 40′ PW High Cube – 4EG1
  • 45′ PW High Cube – 45G1

In comparison :

  • A 20′ PW can load 15 Euro Pallets (4 more than a normal 20′)
  • A 40′ PW can load 30 Euro Pallets (5 more than a normal 40′)
  • A 45′ PW can load 34 Euro pallets (7 more than a normal 45′)
Image credit OPDR

Since the corner castings on these PW’s are in the same location as an ISO container, these boxes can be easily handled on shore and on board using the same equipment as a normal dry container and stowed on board a container vessel (cellular and non-cellular) comfortably..

Some of the companies that operate these PW’s are


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