The Future of Ocean Freight – Unpacking the Logistics Blockchain Goldrush

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With so many new companies launching blockchain-based shipping products, it’s clear that maritime trade will look very different in a few years.. What’s less clear is what that change will look like..

In this article we examine what barriers still exist to widespread blockchain implementation, and what companies are doing to overcome them..

We talk to startups like CargoX and established players like Agility, Maersk, IBM, Evergreen etc. to understand how shipping is changing, and where it’s going..

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Shipping cargo without insurance – reader question

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Shipping your cargo without insurance.. Hmmmmm, not a very smart idea.. Several pitfalls await those who attempt this.. Here’s a question from a reader based on their historical experience.. All comments welcome on this situation..

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Testimonials about Shipping and Freight Resource

Below are some examples of how this blog has helped people learn about shipping and freight.. These testimonials come from real people, my valued readers some of whom are long time supporters of the blog.. It is touching to receive feedback like this which makes all of the hard work in running this blog worth it.. Thank you ladies and … Read more here..