Number of original bills of lading

In response to one of my previous articles Is there a limitation on the number of Original bills to be issued..?? , one of the readers commented as below :


There has been no problem with this , i have been shipping with 5 Orginal Bills for the past 3 years and no problems .

To that reader Neil : For the sake of academic interest to all, please can you explain why you require 5 Original Bills of Lading and what do you do with them..?? 

This would be interesting to know and learn.. Thanks..

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7 comments on “Number of original bills of lading”

  1. By Hassan Reply

    number of bill of lading , depend on request shipper or consignee , most of cases that i saw
    3 orginal b/l and 6 copies stamped (copy original something like this ) . it is not preferable to issue more than 3 original b/l



  2. By Kate Reply

    Just out of curiosity, how many “Copy BL’s” to members usually request? Is there a norm on this or you can request as many as you wish?

    • By Manaadiar

      Hi Kate, there is no fixed number of copy non-negotiable bills to be issued.. Usually clients ask for between 6-9..

  3. By Neil Reply

    Good Day , We have local content in Angola , so we in SA keep one orginal Bill and the team in Angola keep the rest , Clearing documents need to have 2 orginal`s …So we send 2 x sets of documents to angola one for our Soyo Office the other for our Luanda Office …This is for just in case …

    • By Manaadiar

      Wow, so you do put the 5 originals to good use Neil.. Thanks for clarifying that.. Anyone else uses so many originals to shipments to other countries..??

  4. By Samir BOUAROUR Reply

    I agree with above provided we clearly mention the nubmer and sequence of originals B/Ls issued on the front of the bill of lading. It is important so that all parties will know how many of these documents have been issued because in case of amendments (consignee, change of destination, etc.) the whole set of B/Ls must be accessible to the Line as per Protecting and Indemnity Clubls guidelines.