Multiple shippers in a bill of lading..??

Multiple shippers in a bill of lading..??

This is a question raised by a reader.. I thought i would throw out this question to you my dear readers..

In my experience I have not seen more than 1 shipper listed on a bill of lading.. I have seen 2 Notify parties, but never more than 1 shipper in the shipper’s field..

Have any of you come across such listing..?? Do share if you have..

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31 comments on “Multiple shippers in a bill of lading..??”

  1. By Rivera- Chicago NVO Reply

    I handle FLC/LCL consols as well but I do 1 MBL and several SUB HOUSES for each shipper, I am not sure 2 shippers on 1 HBL is compliant.. what if you need to file AES for both shippers?

  2. By Arif shaikhm, India Reply

    I am working with Trading company,India

    We got order from ABC,USA. contract was on FOB-Indian Port,
    but before shipment he asked us to consigned the shipment to XYZ,PERU and also his name with Shipper.

    so, the BL was made Shipper as :our c. name, address IN CARE OF ABC, USA

    But here Shipper will be consider as We (India) and not ABC, USA

    Dear Hariesh I would also like to see the BL with multiple shipper as you have received through mail by Mr.Waheed.

  3. By Tache Reply

    Planning a shipment to Tanzania, please let me know, is it possible for this 1 shipment have 2 consignees and 2 consignors? Thank you.

  4. By Jaswant maharnaa Reply

    Dear All,
    GOOD DAY !


    • By philip

      so cannot.consolidate per instance 2 indian suppliers on same b/l, the consignee beeing the same of course?


  5. By Reyna Romero Reply

    HI, I work with 1 HBL with several shippers and only 1 consigne. This kind is called as FCL/LCL. NO problem for customs. on shipper’s cell is: SHIPPER 1 / SHIPPER 2. Address, you choose any addres of only 1 shippers.

    Yes, you will have 2 commercial invoices.
    Will make only 1 customs procees and only 1 document because is only 1 consignee with “1 importer number” // because is only 1 consignee.

    Also, you have to check with your local customs office, Customs’ policies are different between countries.

  6. By Meryam Reply

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your blog, it’s so helpful for me 🙂

    My question is : if we have 2 or more consignee what should we do? especially when we have a partial shipment!
    Coz in this case I found 2 BLs with the same Container numbers. I didn’t understand it!!

    Thanks in advance

    • By Meryam

      Hi sir,
      I’ve just checked ;
      there is a sentence “part of load containers covered by the 2 BL (and giving the BL numbers) so I think what you said to me in your comment.
      Thank you so much sir

  7. By NGB Reply

    If it is a waybill, then yes no harm in adding more than one shipper. Maybe it is consolidated shipment.

  8. By Chandrangathan K.N. Reply

    Hi Mannadiar,

    You are correct. I am working for a shipping agency for the last 30 years and never seen a B/L with multiple shipper. I would like to know if multiple shipper is shown on B/L who will be carrier of B/L and how the discharge port will handle such B/L.

    Chandrangathan KN

  9. By ZAHID HAKIM Reply

    Hi this is Zahid Hakim and have been in this industry for about 26 years and have currently come across a similar issue. My company allows issuing MBL with multiple shipper showing as “ABC and Company
    On behalf of XYZ & Co” however additionally demands a PROXY letter from the party who joins this contract of carriage to state that they undertake and are jointly liable under the contract of carriage for any payment of whatsoever in nature levied upon the carrier or for transshipment expense for or in connection with the Goods and also for any payment or loss or damage of whatsoever nature (including without limitation fines and expenses) howsoever sustained or incurred by the Carrier in consequence of incorrect or insufficient marking, numbering, or addressing of packages or description of their contents, or for failure of the Merchant to procure all certificates to accompany the Goods, or to comply with regulations of any kind whatsoever imposed with respect to the Goods by authorities at the Ports and/or Places of Loading, transshipment, Discharge or Delivery. We and/or the Agents shall indemnify the Carrier against all payments, fines, expenses or losses arising or resulting from any cause whatsoever in connection with the Goods for which the Carrier is not responsible or breach or any other duties under the Contract of Carriage, Bill of lading and/or applicable law.
    I am sure this arrangement should be acceptable… Can I have your views please.

    • By Lalitt Kr. Bhanndari

      Mr. Zahid,

      I would like to have your expert advice on similar situation. In our case the supplier is one and is raising Invoice and other documents like COO, Packing list, QC etc as Billing in name of M/s. X and address and Shipping to M/s. Y and address. M/s. Y is holding material on behalf of M/s. X at the destination/shipping address.

      Now, the issue is we require in consignee Name & Address of M/s. Y (shipping address) along with mentioning of “on behalf of or a/c. of M/s. X” after the name and address in the consignee details.

      Please advice on the possibility of same and if yes how to convince the shipping line.

    • By Zahid Hakim

      Dear Mr Lalitt,

      Not really clear, why you would need M/s X (who seem to be shipper) shown after consignee name and address, however from shipping lines perspective, this arrangement may not be possible for a simple reason that they have to submit manifest with customs declaring consignee who ideally should be from destination country. In your case, it’s M/s Y who is holding material at destination and will also be required to submit other relevant documents with customs declaring himself (i.e. M/s Y) as receiver of goods for paying custom duty etc.

    • By Lalitt

      Thanks Mr. Zahid for your reply.

      You are right the duty everything will be paid by Y and importer code of Y will be there. But the material cost is paid by X and is keeping the cargo with Y. For this customs require the consignee name of Y with one line mentioned after the address of Y “on a/c of X” or “on behalf of X” . This will ensure to proof the customs that this material imported by Y is on behalf of X.

      Manifest will be filed for Y as per the details mentiined in the consignee name In the BL.

      Looking forward for your reply.

    • By Lalitt Kr. Bhanndari

      Dear Mr. Zahid,

      I left out on one point that you understand that X is shipper. No X is buyer who is being billed from the shipper and material is being dispatched on instruction of X to Y. In commercial documents Billing name and address is in the name of X and Shpping address is in the name of Y. In the documents in shipping address “on a/c. of X” is mentioned after the Y name and address.

  10. By Donna Henry Reply

    When we have a house level consol or assembly shpt exporting from the US where there are multiple suppliers for 1 cnee, the export clearance must be done per individual supplier, but naturally because these shpts are cnee routed anyway and the suppliers are not the ones contracting the carriage (which is what the BL is), we issue the HBL as “Cnee” c/o ABC Forwarding USA.

  11. By Hari Reply

    I can understand for notify but if a B/L shows two different consignee then to whom goods will be delivered.What if both the parties ask for consignment

    Can you please elaborate on this ?

  12. By Hariesh Manaadiar Reply

    Hi Waleed, thanks for forwarding me the copy of the bill of lading showing 2 shippers in the shipper field in the bill of lading.. I feel it is a very big risk taken by the NVOCC operator that has issued this bill of lading, brazenly showing the word SHIPPERS and two names.. As said, this is the first time I have seen such a bill..

    When I mention risk, it would be in terms of who is the owner of the cargo and whose name does the customs documentation, commercial invoice, certificate of origin etc show..??

    Very strange..

  13. By Waleed Reply

    Hello There!

    I have a consignment coming from Italy to UAE. Our forwarder collected two shipments from two different suppliers, which were both to be shipped to us. So they put both the supplier’s as shippers in the HBL and us as the consignee. We have in the past moved shipments this way and never had any clearance issues in UAE. So the shipper section of our B/L is:

    1- Shipper abc
    2- Shipper xyz

    • By Hariesh Manaadiar

      Hi Waleed, many thanks for this info.. This is the first time I have heard of this arrangement.. Well you learn something new everyday.. May I be bold enough to ask if you could forward me a copy of that bill of lading purely for my academic interest – to Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention..

  14. By Willis Reply

    I’ve had several customers request this over the many years I’ve worked in this industry. In the past it was permissible however, in the last few years, it has become illegal per FMC regulations. (attached is reference to 46 CFR 530.8 and 9)

    Also, many carriers will not allow this addition to MBL’s simply because whom ever the contract between the carrier and their customer is (freight forwarder or NVOCC) is who will show as the shipper. Many customers who WANT to show multiple shippers on the HBL and MBL are using a freight forwarder and want to show: VARIOUS COMPANIES ON Behalf Of ….

  15. By marlin reddy Reply

    I dont’t think it’s possible.i have been 25 years in the industry and i did not come accross this.

  16. By Stan Reply

    If several shippers for one bl so it can be considered as LCL shipment. In this case carrier’s representative (surveyor) should be presented during container stuffing.

  17. By Prabhakar Reply

    Shipper will be one only for one BL. Consignee / Notify can be multiple. As the original BL can be handed over to one single party and not multiple for bank transactions

  18. By Alessandro Reply

    Hello Everybody,
    we had such experience, but we just asked our Forwarder to put its details in the “Shipper” field indicating:

    XXXXXX as Agent of the Shippers XXXXXXXX and ZZZZZZZZ

  19. By Alexander Robertson Reply

    As far as I am concerned, you can consign a shipment to only one party but you can have multiple notify parties as they are only being told of the shipment’s arrival. As far as shippers are concerned, how can more than one party ship a consignment? I feel it is not possible.

    • By Manaadiar

      Hi Alexander, there might be cases where multiple shippers are shipping to a single consignee.. In such cases, it is normal to issue split bills of lading for the same container..

      The question posed by the reader about one bill with multiple shippers is not possible as far as i know, but i wanted to throw it out there for any other opinions..