Manifest Correctors

What are manifest correctors..?? In Article 2 ( i wrote about what a manifest is, so you should have a clear understanding of it by now..

Once the manifest is updated in the shipping lines system and the bill of lading has been released, the documentation is deemed to be complete.. However, at times there are requests from the clients to make some changes to the details that have been submitted..

The only way that these changes can be effected after the bill of lading has been issued is by way of a corrector..

Lets assume the client is changing the description of the cargo.. A typical manifest corrector would then show as below :

  • Bill of Lading No. : SISA1234567
  • Container No (s) : SISU6754321
  • Port of Load : Durban
  • Port of Discharge : Mombasa

Cargo description now reads : 140 packages anabolic steroids (this is what the bill of lading and manifest currently shows)

Cargo description should read : 23 cartons containing 150 cans muscle enhancing drugs (this should have been the right description)

The manifest corrector generally also makes reference to whether the original bill of lading has been amended or not.. In some cases it is possible that after the submission and filing of the manifest, the client returned the full set of incorrect OBL’s and got a new set of OBL’s with the right description..

This manifest corrector is then sent to the shipping lines agents at the port of discharge who in turn will submit this to the customs and port authorities as required by their regulations.. There are also cases where customs authorities belonging to certain countries might not allow any amendments to be done to certain cargo descriptions etc as it might affect the customs duty valuation already made based on a certain commodity..

All shipping lines charge a fee at their discretion depending on the corrector itself..

5 thoughts on “Manifest Correctors

  1. Authorites brazilians allow any change on Bl since the vessel does not arrive at first port brazilian, if EMC was sent by POL after arriving vessel the same can’t be updated due occur extra charge to client…

  2. Concerning a fee, a shipping line charged us a fee for EUR 200-, for only correction of quantity of packages from 166 to 170. So this is a quiet expensive pleasure.
    However, we shouldn’t return our OBL’s in exchange for the new ones, because to that time we already hadn’t have them. The containers reached a POD and the OBL’s were: one by customer and another two by L/C issuing bank.

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