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Ask your question here..: First and foremost thank you for your website ! I have been in the FF industry for 17 years and I find all your post extremely useful and a great tool to help me better explain things to new team mates just starting out.

I have a questions relating to Bill of Ladings. When issuing originals I have been taught to use the term ” LADEN ON BOARD” I know this is an older term and after reading your post today I started to wonder if using this is correct.

I tried searching the site for a post relating to this term and I could not find anything.

Thank you
Karen Meza-Gordillo
Miami, FL


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  1. Hi Karen, “Laden on Board” is used when the containers have been loaded on board, but the vessel is yet to sail due to whatever reasons.. The usage of this term depends on the shipping line whose bill of lading you are using, although it doesn’t seem to be used as much in the current day..

    You can also read similar articles if you go to

    Trust this assists..

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