How to use Shipping and Freight Resource Blog

how to use shipping and freight resource blog effectivelyThis page will assist those new to the site to find their way around the site and find the information that you came looking for..

If you are totally new to the industry and this blog,

1. The best place to start would be the page that describes all About Shipping and Freight Resource.. This page will guide you on what this blog is about, who is behind this blog (me) and what you can learn on this blog..

2. The next best thing for you would be to EXPLORE the site..

3. Click or hover over each of the menu items that you see on the Menu bar..

The Articles link shows you the 10 most recent posts on this blog.. The Category drop down allows you to access the category of your choice and all articles under that category..

For example if you want to look for articles about Incoterms®, then you can go to Articles => Listed by Category => Incoterms® and presto, you can view all the posts categorised under Incoterms®..

The Q&A link allows you access to the shipping questions and answers page where you can ask your own questions or answer others questions..

If you click on the Testimonials link you will see some of the testimonials that the readers have given about this blog..

The Resources drop down gives you access to download some of the main documents used in shipping and freight and mainly it gives you access to download Free Guides relating to shipping and freight that I have written for you..

Last but not the least on the Menu bar, use the powerful search field to search for any keywords related to shipping, freight, maritime, logistics, Incoterms etc and if it has been covered in this blog (more than likely) you will see those results, if not, you will see results from mainstream Google.. These search results might also display some ads related to Shipping and Freight that could add value to you..

If you don’t find the answers to your question using the search field, then you can ask your question here..

4. Below each post, you will see a Comments Section.. Join the discussion and have your say.. This is THE place for your to to share your views, opinions, answer other reader’s questions about a particular article or interact with me if you don’t agree with the article in any way..

This is an interactive blog, so don’t feel shy, do contribute using the comment form..

And just so that you don’t miss any of the quality content that is published on this blog, you can subscribe here and receive articles directly into your mailbox for free..

Thank you for being here.. 🙂