How do you choose a shipping line for your shipments..??

I think this is an interesting question and a topic that will have many views..

What is your criteria when you nominate or choose a shipping line to carry your cargo..??

There are many factors to this equation, like

  • Price
  • Service
  • Accessibility
  • E-Commerce
  • Frequency
  • etc etc etc etc

It would be interesting to know from you how you decide.. And while you are at it, would also be great to know which is your favourite shipping line and why..

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6 comments on “How do you choose a shipping line for your shipments..??”

  1. By Vivienne Reply

    Please can anyone help, I need a shipping line who will import/export Yellow cake (uranium) hazardous from Walvis Bay to Durban, it is packed in drums and containerised, class 7 un 2912


  2. By Andrew Reply

    This could turn quite a few heads, first impressions are lasting one here. How knowledgeable are the staff in the Routings/Transit times and vessels on the routes.
    Then we need to look at service delivery in the South African context does the the line have an agreement in place with local Port regarding preference berthing, if not your cargo could land up being delayed due to berthing windows.
    Price is also a consideration due to Landside costs raised by the different lines.

  3. By Michelle Reply

    I think many clients go for service / Space , Routings / Transit Time even if they have to pay a higher freight, Service is very important. However on the other hand you get many clients who dont care about service as long as they get the cheapest rates for their chrome. I strongly believe in good Service first as i came from a shipping line so i know what it is like handling these type of clients

  4. By Sarika Manaadiar Reply

    hi..i choose in terms of market related price & service, dont mind paying USD 50 extra provided that the service is good..Maersk is my fav shipping line..

  5. By Shane Marimuthu Reply

    I personally choose in order of service and then rate.
    Favourtie shipping line : COSCO