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    Good day to everyone it is a long story but i guess it will be intresting for everyone.
    We are delivering cargo from Brasil to Uzbekistan, the volume is small and we use the service of “A” company (door to port) which gather/console cargo from several suppliers (some of them are under FOB and FCA terms) at companies warehouse in Brasil
    At the same time we have contract (port to door) with another “B” company, which deliver cargo from Brasilian port to Uzbekistan. Once “A” have gathered enought cargo we request “B” for booking space on vessel. “A” deliver cargo to the port and load onto the vessel.

    Issue: We have container which were delivered to port and at the time of loading port authorities requested for x-ray, the vessel left without cargo since operation was not finished on time. At the next vessel scan were not performed on time and caontainer was roll overe. Summarizing everything, the delay happened with container about two weeks. Now “A” compqny billing terminal storage charges to us. I`m insisting that route of problem comes from fact x-ray was not done on time at first time and was not provided for customs authorities for the second time, so it is totally “A” company fault and they should take this obligation

    1. Is it usual practise for Brasil to make x-ray two times for one container, logically if containers was waiting for next vessel without leaving terminal it is necessary?
    2. In case of “A” company door to port , are this company is obliged for x ray docs as it is customs request?
    3. What is the free of storage period at Santos port?
    4. From logistics practice who should take obligations in such cases

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