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    From what I understand, reefer containers are made by handful of manufacturers in China these days with actual refrigeration units being ordered by steamship lines or purchasers and sent to these manufacturers to bolt on and test the entire assembly per applicable ISO 1496-2 standards before sending the newly built containers to the purchasers. I am trying to determine what category a standard mechanically refrigerated 40′ HQ container with say Thermo King Magnum or a Carrier Primeline unit attached to it falls under? Seems in ISO 1496-2 the Type, code designation for such a unit would be 31 -Mechanically refrigerated, but then under “Maximum heat-leakage rate” table 1 of the standard containers are further broken down into 1D; 1C; 1CC; 1B; 1BB; 1BBB; 1A; 1AA; 1AAA, 1EE; 1EEE with all of them having different allowances as to heat leakage rate. For example 1D has 13 as teh allowed heat-leakage rate where as 1EEE container has 46. Any information is greatly appreciated

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