Container Numbers – Size and Type Coding

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    Is there any link between the container number and the 4 character Size and Type Code? If so what is the formula, I am aware of the information already supplied in the Prefix and Check digit but would be good if we could also draw out the Size and Type in booking systems without having to create another field/s for the size and type.


    Hi, there is definitely a link.. You can read all about it here..



    Thanks Hariesh, I think I might have not been very clear on my query, to put in a nutshell does the container number have the ISO code hidden in it, I am trying to avoid the necessity of having to enter the ISO code separately to get the size and type of the container.


    Hmmmmm, if you put it that way, yes some of the shipping lines used to do this as a means of quick identification.. Leasing companies also used to do it.. That 6 digit number known as Registration # have some specific series to identify which was 20′ and which was 40′.. Of course each container operator will have their own code so its not standard.. For example TRITON used to have all their 40′ containers starting with the number 4 and all their 20′ containers starting with the number 2..

    Not sure if it is still the case..

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