Errors on a Bill of Entry – South African customs context

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Where errors have to be corrected on a bill of entry that has already been processed by customs, a VOC must be completed by the importer or his / her agent. Please help me with the procedure in detail in terms of a practical example.


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5 comments on “Errors on a Bill of Entry – South African customs context”

  1. By Hariesh Manaadiar Reply

    Hi all, once an SAD500 (Single Administrative Document) is filed, any amendments has to be done via a VOC (Voucher of Correction).. Any information originally filed via the SAD500 can be amended using a VOC.. However, there are certain items like the value of the cargo, number of packages, importers name etc which customs will take a very close look at and will only allow amendment at their discretion..

    There could also be penalties associated with these changes and these penalty amounts will vary according to the change made..

    In an SA export situation, most common changes via VOC are normally the vessel name and voyage number and this could be due to short shipment or short landing of cargo..

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    Nowadays most of the companies either have their own in-house customs entry system or use systems like Compu Clearing, Cargowise, Ship Shape etc.. So all the process is now automated.. You only have to ensure that the proper information is updated in the system that is used..

    Details for the information in filling up the SAD500 or VOC must come from the shipment documents like below :

    – Commercial Invoice
    – Packing List
    – Certificate of Origin
    – Purchase Order
    – Arrival Notification
    – Bill of Lading
    – Export Booking Confirmation

  2. By Mo Reply

    Hi I have the same question as above. Could you kindly assist?
    Thanks in advance!!