Do you have an educational qualification in Shipping, Freight or Logistics

Education is an important requirement in any field in order for anyone to learn about that field and put that learning to work..

Such education and learning may or may not be formal depending on various circumstances..

Education and learning in Shipping, Freight and Logistics industry is no different to any other industry, but in my opinion there are not much options for formal education in our industry compared to other industries..

So this week, instead of an article, I thought I would run a short poll as part of a general analysis I am doing in terms of shipping and freight education..

Do you have a formal educational qualification like a degree, diploma or other formal qualifications relating to Shipping, Freight and Logistics ?? 

If you have any of the above then vote YES, otherwise vote NO..

formal education in shipping and freight

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Voted..?? Thank you.. Now,

If you voted YES, please post a short comment on

  1. what kind of formal education in shipping and freight you have
  2. how much did that formal educational qualification actually help you or is helping you in your day to day shipping, freight and logistics work..

If you voted NO, please post a short comment on

  1. why don’t you have a formal education in shipping and freight.. Is it because of
    • lack of options in the industry
    • other reasons
  2. how did you manage to get where you are without a formal education

Really appreciate your inputs..

I firmly believe that securing a degree, diploma or other educational qualifications alone doesn’t make one an expert in a field..

There are many successful people in all industries all over the world who don’t have that “paper” that says they are qualified.. There are also many people who are highly qualified on “paper” but can’t hold a candle to the real pioneers and experts in the industry and in a lot of cases are dependent on those without that “paper”..


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79 comments on “Do you have an educational qualification in Shipping, Freight or Logistics”

  1. By sham Reply

    Hello sir , My name is Sham. I have done MY Post Graduation in Port and Shipping Management. My education helps me to understand the basic concept of this industry. However, I personally feel that practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge. This blog is very useful to me as it always enlighten issues we come across in our day to day job at a logistics company.

  2. By Arno Reply

    Worked my way up from an order picker to a self educated freight forwarder by road, sea and air.
    I once did a Logistics Teamleader course, to be honest, after 6 months of working in warehousing, there was hardly anything that I learnt from a fast-paced 80 hours course that I didn’t knew already before.

    When it comes to shipping, with enough dedication, interest, eager to learn and dare to make mistakes and learn from them and Dr. Google you can achieve a lot.
    After 2 years of handling sea freights, I’ve become the resource of my colleagues who have worked 10+ years in shipping and have been educated to handle them.

    My philosophy? If someone else can do it means I can do it!

  3. By Obert Mavuk Reply

    I dont have any Qualificaton in Shiping, Freight and Logistic and am currently working as a Shipping Officer, Pleaseadvic where will I study the Above Subject, Should there be any Institute I could attained this Qualificaton online please advice

  4. By sabelo Reply

    I have a Diploma in Logistics from University Of Johannesburg (UJ), and its not helping me in anyway because I am unemployed with it.

  5. By Paata Reply

    1. Lack of options in the industry;
    2. I guess, self education… You can find lots of information in internet….Your site is best example 🙂

  6. By Athanasia Ntafou Reply

    It is because I have education in public administration (1 degree and 2 mba)

  7. By Mzwandile101 Reply

    lack of information on how to go by to register and which school must I enroll to and what subjects are required for the shipping and freight

  8. By Toufeeq khan Reply

    Hello sir , My name is Toufeeq Khan, I have done MY post graduation in International Business . Yes ,My education helps me to understand the basic concept of this industry, like what are documents are their , where it is used, what are the export schemes are their, how can we avail that schemes, whats is drawback , incentive, EPC, SEZ, . But i agree that practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge . so if u know the basic concept of EXIM industry u can easily grab it .


  9. By nilesh gupta Reply

    This blog is very useful to me as it always enlighten issues i come across in my day to day job at a logistics company.Though experience counts but formal basic knowledge is must in any field of activity.

  10. By Abdulla Mustafa Mohammed Reply

    Dear Sir, what you quoted is absolutely right. qualification doesn’t make you expert …. Only Hardworking, interest, dedication makes you success ……use your knowledge practically.

    i am very much interest in the field that’s the reason i want to be your prestigious student. and try my level best to achieve my goal.

  11. By Tornyi Frank Reply

    I really enjoy this article. I am holding a graduate diploma certificate in maritime management but not currently working but with the little theorical knowledge, am able to understand the shipping industry very much and hoping to translate that into practical work in due time. Beside this, I have learned a lot from your article which has help me to always be the best in class. Thanks so much for the good work you’re doing educating the world.

  12. By asha Reply

    yes i really liked the article. i would like to share other reason here, even though my educational background is and work wise i am a multi tasker. this quality today made me to work for Import department and handling 40-50 FCL shipments without difficulties. here i should thank my management and very very knowledgeable people who is continuously guiding,suggesting in all the steps and supporting. obviously my long term experience in the field made me to be thorough in the job. i am proud that our management providing such a wonderful opportunity to grow.

  13. By Carlos A RODRIGUEZ Reply

    I have a degree in International Business with emphasis in Logistics Operations. I also have an MBA as well as a specialization in International Maritime Law (for non-lawyers). Although I withdrew after one year, I started my university education at the naval officers academy so I know my way around ships, charts, ports and legal matters all of which I apply on a daily basis.

  14. By Tamizharasan.M Reply

    I have my master degree in international transportation and logistics management from Indian maritime university. the knowledge which gain in my masters given me structure of shipping and logistics industry and how its works in today trade world.still need to learn more and more on logistics industry and currently working as inland transportation planner in maersk line india pvt ltd and the knowledge which gained from my master help me out in day today business activities.


    I like it. I don´t have this kind of expertise because currently I’m studying the career of International Trade and I need to practise it

  16. By rajendra Reply

    Dear Sir, I want become a Logistic manager, in this time I am logistic executive, I have no diploma and degree in logistic. I am MBA (Operations) pleas suggest suitable institute in india.

  17. By saeed Reply

    Dear Hariesh
    I have a question..
    are these certificates and degrees include Customs? (customs,customs affair)

  18. By hassan Reply

    Dear Mr Hariesh

    i have master in international transportation and logistics from Arab Academy for Science and Technology but in fact the volume of knowledge that i achieve was a little , in work life it is not to easy to understand the whole process in logistics and shipping , this industry have a lot of elements costumes , freight forwarder, movers , lines , and every one have many departments , also any employee has a specific responsibility to do in his field , in Ur blog Mr Hariesh i feel that i understand the whole process from A to Z



  19. By melvillestemp Reply

    Hold a BSc in Maritime Business + Maritime Law in additional I have completed the ICS qualifying exams and am a member of the Institute. These qualifications helped me to get work within the industry and the knowledge learnt during the course of studying is very relevant.

  20. By Jagdip Shah Reply

    Well basically I am working for a firm who are into exports mainly and as such I have to deal with freight, shipping and logistics. Having put in nearly two decades of service I have gradually grasped the subject. Still I need to learn at lot.

  21. By n.nhundu Reply

    For years i had been a CLIENT in the freight and forwarding business with extensive travel , felt hard done by some experiences i faced and with the passion i had for the industry ,i put up a great team of guys to try and serve that niche market, so as the Director i will be pursuing customs and clearing studies and your blog has been very good learning tool .

  22. By Kristen Reply

    Just over three years ago my boss told me that I was going to help purchasing by tracking our POs from international suppliers and get them into the factory on time for production. Since then I have been learning as I go along. Working in the food industry in the USA it has been challenging as new laws (FSMA in particular) are passed. I would like very much to have formal training; short classes with hands on work would be ideal but not much value is placed on training in my company. I find having an excellent relationship with your customs broker, freight forwarder and someone with strong ties to FDA to be invaluable resources as well as websites such as this blog. The shipping industry, especially when you are shipping internationally, has its own language that is constantly evolving.

  23. By ALLADAYE Fidèle G. Reply

    I hold a diploma in transport logistic and despite my experiences in that domain, I may affirm it’s not so important to have formal education in that area, what does matter is knowledge we learnt from practices.

  24. By Cem Reply

    I’m studying Maritime Business and Administration, and also part-time working at a freight forwarder company. I can’t tell what i’m learning in college is useful for my job, it is just bunch of theory.:) This blog is much more precious resource for me.

  25. By Yousuf Reply

    I’ve FIATA Diploma in freight forwarding which comprise of various modules i.e. air, ocean, rail, road, multimodal, logistics, custom clearance, insurance, dgr etc etc.
    Plus I’ve done diploma on supply chain.