Difference between a ship and a vessel

Difference between a ship and a vessel

That big floating thing that carries our cargo from point A to B is referred to as either a SHIP or a VESSEL.. Is there a difference between a ship and a vessel..??

Ship :

  • A ship is a large ocean going vessel..
  • A ship is a sailing vessel that uses wind power or steam power or other man made energy sources, rigged in such a manner that will allow it to sail and be controlled..
  • A ship is a floating vessel that transports cargo in order to earn revenue..

Vessel :

  • Basically, a vessel is anything that can float and can be steered/moved, either by own means or by other means (for example – if it is towed)..
  • Apart from a ship, a floating platform, boats, barges etc can also be called a vessel..

Never thought about it did ya.. 

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6 comments on “Difference between a ship and a vessel”

  1. By Marius de Jess Reply


    [From last paragraph of news, see below.] According to maritime rules, vessels are supposed to give way to ships on their starboard side.

    US Navy ship collides with oil tanker off Singapore

    6 minutes ago
    From the section Asia

    The USS John McCain was performing a routine stop when it struck an oil tanker

    Ten sailors are missing and five injured after a US destroyer collided with an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore, the US Navy says.

    The USS John McCain was sailing through the Strait of Malacca and preparing to stop in Singapore when it struck the Liberian-flagged vessel.

    A search and rescue operation is under way.

    It is the second serious collision involving a US Navy ship within two months.

    The latest collision, which was reported at 06:24 local time on Monday (21:24 GMT on Sunday), happened as the USS John McCain prepared to perform a routine port stop.

    Initial reports said that the ship had “sustained damage” to its port side. The US Navy said local authorities were assisting with “search and rescue efforts”.

    In June, seven US sailors were killed when the USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship in Japanese waters near the port city of Yokosuka.

    In pictures: USS Fitzgerald crash

    Those who died were found in flooded berths on board the ship after the collision caused a “big gash” under the warship’s waterline, the US Navy said.

    According to maritime rules, vessels are supposed to give way to ships on their starboard side.

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  3. By Tekke Reply

    haha, totally agree ! Ship is something more powerful and is having the navigation technology.

  4. By Dirk Gnodde Reply

    Agreed !

    Please do not call a ship a boat.

    The Captain of a Ship would be offended if you called his ship a boat !

    A boat on the other hand is small craft used for pleasure.