Question regarding cargo under Letter of Credit

Question regarding cargo under Letter of Credit from John..

Hi there, I would like to submit a doubt I have:

what happens if the exporter would like to send in the same container goods covered by L/C in addition to some other goods.

Should the carrier issues two bill of lading, or mentioning in the same B/L the goods under L/C and goods that aren’t is enough?

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A pertinent and valid question from John.. Anyone having an answer please feel free to use the comment box to comment..

I would like to wait and see the responses/comments before I give my opinion.. 🙂

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5 comments on “Question regarding cargo under Letter of Credit”

  1. By j.s.dhillon Reply

    At the time of shipment it is upto the exporters to request the shipping company to ship the goods together in one
    shipment aainst one bill of lading or ship the goods seperately in the same container ann request the shipping company
    at the place of loading to issue two seperate bill of ladigs.
    It will effect the terms and conditions of the letter of credit by taking such actions by the exporters.

  2. By Justine O. Ehimen Reply

    I fully support Alexander’s stand that separate bills of lading will be required. Each bill of lading should reflect the same container number and, generally, the separate bills of lading will be required by the customs command at the port of discharge before the container is released.

  3. By Alexander Robertson Reply

    Hi John, you will definitely require a separate b/l for each consignment even if the cargo is in the same container. Your b/l must tie in with the invoice plus there are often requirements which the L/C demands which you do not want to apply to the second consignment.

    • By Aaditya Hamine

      I agree with Alexander. You need to have two separate HBLs. However we await expert opinion from Admin 🙂
      – Aaditya Hamine