Cargo Tracking Note – what is it..??

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) also known as Bordereau de Suivi Cargaison (BSC) or Loading Certificate is an official marine document that contains information relating to the cargo and its movement between ports.. This document is required to be submitted to the various shippers councils in various countries..

In general, the CTN number must be shown on all documentation related to the cargo shipped under that note.. The shipper and/or forwarder should provide the certificate number to the ocean carrier at the loading port (Loading agent) for inclusion in the manifest and bill of lading..

As far as i know, currently below are the countries (in alphabetical order) that require CTN and also the issuing agents in South Africa for ready reference..

If I have missed out any other country that requires the CTN, please do comment on the same and also add on the issuing agents details..

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  1. Tanuja Jathan says:

    I required ECTN issuing agent for Cotonou I have shipment from Nhava Sheva to Cotonou (Benin), Please advise which
    agent issues ECTN in Mumbai

  2. John Albrecht, Esq. says:

    Do you have anything on Cargo Tracking Note requirements for Zimbabwe?

    1. As far as I know there is no requirement of CTN for Zimbabwe..

  3. B Desai says:

    Can you help us who will issue the ECTN certificate from Mumbai India… For BURUNDI country…

  4. hassan says:

    Dear Mr Hariesh
    this certificate CTN , i should buy it from agent or freight forwording to import in Goods to the above counrty that you refer
    that mean i have to deal with freight forwarding that have this certificate to import the goods or only buy the certificate , not deal with carrier direct

    Thanks to confirm or i misunderstanding


    1. Hello Hassan, for each CTN there is an issuing agent appointed by that country’s shippers council only for the purpose of issuing this CTN.. Anyone that needs a CTN must approach this agent only.. This agent is independent of the carrier or freight forwarder.. They are a separate entity..

  5. Thang says:


    I am Thang, from Vietnam. I have a shipment from Haiphong port to Lago, Nigeria, load on CMA-CGM
    Carrier requests to advise CTN but I do not know I will contact who to have it in Vietnam.

    Pls help & advise me if you know.

    Thank very much for your kind support.

    Best regards,
    Bui Van Thang

  6. Tracey says:

    Hi, I have a sea shipment ( container) from Malaysia to Burkina Faso and wonder if anyone can helps to advise any ECTN agent/representative that I can contact around here –

  7. Hi, all, we´re very experience with waivers issuance to any african countries and can assist you offering same from anywhere in the world. Just drop a msg to! Will be pleased to assist!

  8. Wannee says:

    Hi, I wonder to know, who is the enteti in Bangkok, Thailand for issue the CTN for shipped to TOGO

    1. Hello Wannee, you can contact

      Seaborne Logistics & Services Co. Ltd
      31 Soi Rimtangduan 2 , Sukhumvit 62, Bangchak, Phrakanong 10260 Bangkok
      Phone: +6627159888

  9. sarah says:

    hi we have a shipment 12x40OTIG ex SIN TO PORT GENTIL. Our customer is asking us to fill out the ECTN for them and one of the requirement is CARGO MANIFEST NUMBER. Shipment was booked with CMA and we ask them for this info, but they say they don’t have it. Where can we get this information?

  10. Mariama says:

    Sierra Leone, West Africa

  11. Mariama says:

    I need to know the the contact of a company issuing ctn in Korea.
    Hope you can help.

    1. Hello Mariama, CTN for which country..??

  12. Sveta says:

    Hi all,
    Can you pls advise on the following: we have a party of goods approaching Republic of Congo as a part of LCL. Our forwarder’s agent issue ECTN for the whole container listing goods inside.
    And the consignee denies that ECTN saying it’s not correct and they will be fined.
    Shipping line insists they did everything correctly.
    appreciate your help.


  13. Vijay says:

    We have made a shipment to Congo.
    Is the ECTN number and Ferri number same ????

    1. yes they are the same thing. there are just acronyms for the same thing in two different languages.

  14. There is also Cargo Tracking Note for GABON, they call it BIETC (Bordereau D’identification Electronique de Traçabilité de Cargaison : French)

    You can visit;

    here is a document for help :

    the big idea about their agent is : you choose an agent according to departure of cargo, that means the origin of the cargo;
    you have just to have account at and their you fixe the origin and automatically they give the actual agents that you can contact; generally CGC representative Europe is the most available agent for most country.

    here is a list of other documents, you will need the agent liste, because you’ll need their emails to ask them for confirming your order to purchase the Note —> choose this file “MANDATAIRES_CGC_ACTUALISE_NOV 2011.xls ”

    Good luck every one; I hope I gave enough information about this one, and pleased to be one of this community
    thanks Hariesh for this blog 🙂

  15. meryam says:

    We have an account in, but we need an agent to confirm our account in order to prepare ECTN for Congo; we usually use it for cargo departed from Malaysia.

    Any help pls?

    1. Hi Meryam, recommend you contact the CTN service provider..

      FERI (CTN)

    3. Thanks for the info Ryan..

    4. meryam04 says:

      Thank you 🙂

  16. Chris says:

    Does a BSC cert for Cote D’Ivoire cover multiple shipments for the same consignor / consignee – or does a BSC cert need to be raised for every individual shipment?


    2. joseph says:

      Dear Chris,
      BSC Number will be issued for each and every B.L. you only use it for one shipment
      You can contact me on : if you need a BSC .

  17. Ismail says:

    Hi Guys,

    I need this Cargo Tracking Note for Benin / Cotonou from Turkey. I load the goods with CMA, but have no idea where should I go to get issued this document.

    Note: I contacted with Mitchell Cotts Maritime- Benin, but have not received a reply yet.

    I appreciate if you recommend an another place that I can get this document.


    1. Sinan says:

      You may contact us for getting CTN certificate.

  18. Please see the below link. This page shows which countries do and do not requires CTNs. if there are any questions, feel free to email or call me. or 281-477-3233

  19. Christine says:


  20. I wonder to know, who is the enteti in Portugal for issue the CTN

    1. Hi Rui, depends on which country you want the CTN for..

  21. Thomas says:

    When exporting to Burkina Faso, when should one give shipping line ECTN reference number? before vessel sail or after vessel sail. can someone assist

    1. Hello Thomas, I would say earlier the better.. You should do it at the same time as the bill of lading because you need to show the bill of lading number in the ECTN, so as soon as you get the BL Number from the line you can apply for the ECTN..

  22. understood from above that for shipment to Ivory Coast ECTN and BSC are same thus will have no issue upon arrival at destination. Thx to confirm as my Management Team have some doubt.

  23. Catherine says:

    Can you please let me know who would be issuing CTN for cago leaving port of Vancouver, Canada, I have three containers going to Senegal. Thanks for any info you can provide me.

    1. we will be the issuing agent for the BSC. please visit for the downloadable application and procedures. please give me a call 281-477-3233. my name is Ryan Russell

    2. Hello Catherine, for all shipments to Senegal worldwide, the CTNs are issued by Antaser Afrique BVBA via their worldwide network of agents.. You can send a msg to to find out who their agents are in Vancouver.. The closest office seems to be in Houston..

    3. Well there you go.. Ryan Russell confirmed he is the guy.. 🙂

    4. Mahesh says:

      I can apply and issue the BSC, tell me the size of the containers, mail me on

    5. Mahesh, this certificate cannot be issued by anyone.. Commercial International Services is the authorised agent in the North America region for certificates to Senegal among other African countries..

  24. Yasir says:

    can you please let me know who is the agent in Karachi, Pakistan for Issuing Ferri certificate requirement of Congo

  25. Sunil says:


    can anyone help me to make a BSC certificate for Ivory coast ? for 1 container of lubricants ?

    1. Sunil, as mentioned in this site, Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)- Issued via their website is the only option for you to secure a BSC for Ivory Coast..

  26. Davis says:

    Who can issue ECTN for Malawi, I arrange shipment thru MSC, cargo loaded at Dubai going to Malawi via Beira/Nacala Mozambique port.

  27. brijesh says:

    Who issue CTN / BSC number for ABIDJAN from India

    1. Mahesh Devji says:

      I can register and update BSC for Ivory Coast, it costs USD 75 for registration and importer has to pay Euro 17 per TEU at destination, if intrested , please mail me
      My name is Mahesh

    2. Mer-Invest says:


      We Can Issue That If You Are Intrested Sir Contact Us: +225 04602222

      Mer-Invest Transit
      Abidjan, ivory Coast.

  28. RATHEESH says:


    who can issue ECTN for the shipments to Tanzania from dubai , plz contact me: 971 507370993


  30. A very similar case goes for Democratic Republic of Congo. The document is named FERI (Fiche Eléctronique de Renseignements à l’Importation) not CTN. I have been using the services of ITR Dubai for such services.

  31. Nadeem says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please confirm me what is the agent name in Pakistan, Dubai or Bangladesh can issue the CNCA certificate for shipment to Luanda Angola.

    Thanks in Advance.

  32. Nga says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please advise what the agent name in Vietnam can issue CTN for shipment to Cotonou

    Thanks much


    Please note that DIAMOND SHIPPING LLC (DUBAI) are authorized to issue CTN’s for 8 Countries which is mentioned below. NOTE : Cargo which will be loading from UAE.

    1)Nigeria 2) Senegal 3)Niger 4) Mali 5) RCA 6)Guinea 7) Guinea Bissau and 8)Cameron

    Also note that for Nigerian shipments now CTN’s are not required.

  34. can you please let me know who is the agent in Conakry and how can I get CTN? Thank so much!

  35. Ms.Noormah says:

    benin also need CTN for clearance?

    1. Manaadiar says:

      Hi Noormah,yes it is required and can be obtained online – please visit or

  36. Kalyani says:

    Can you let me know who does the CTN for Burkina Faso in India.

  37. Nadun Rathnasekara says:

    Thanks for the information. But Diamond shipping issues CTN only for Nigeria. not Cotonou region. I got to know that no body will issue CTN for Cotonou in Sri lanka. But you can get this CTN no online from India or pakistan.


  38. Janakiraman Devaraj says:

    Diamond shipping services issue CTN for NIGER

  39. can you please let me know who is the agent in Sri lanka for Issuing CTN no for Cotonou, Benin

  40. C.N.C.A.-Conselho Nacional de Carregadores de Angola

    C.N.C.A. is the Angolan government agency that regulates the implementation of Decree No. 19/94, dated 28 January 1994, published in the Statue Book of Angola D.R., May 1994.

    The following is a summary of the National Council of Angolan Shippers’ regulation:

    All cargo destined to Angola has to have an import license and every bill of lading has to be accompanied by a loading certificate.
    Only the C.N.C.A. or its agents have the authority to issue loading certificates.
    Each bill of lading must have a corresponding loading certificate.
    Without a loading certificate, cargo will not be cleared.
    Each loading certificate has a specific serial number that is duly signed, dated and stamped by the authorized C.N.C.A. agent.
    To receive a loading certificate, the shipper has to pay the following Harbor Data Processing and Loading Certificate Fees:
    20′ Container US$100.00/container
    40′ Container US$200.00/container
    Bulk/conventional US$5.00 per w/m
    Loading Certificate fees US$60.00 per bill of lading

    The above charges have to be collected at the moment that the cargo is loaded.
    Penalties for failure to comply with these regulations can result in a fine of US$5,000.00 per incident and a doubling of CNCA FEES.

    One such office in India issuing CNCA is as below

    Dolphin Chartering Services Pvt Ltd
    DIRECT NO: 022-28368827
    PHONE NOS:67105905,67105906, 67105907, 67105908

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