Can the shipper’s address on the bill of lading be in another country..??

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In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the difference between an exporter and a shipper..

Just to recap below :

Exporter = is a person or company or entity that is authorised by Customs and Govt authorities to export cargoes to various countries..

This is also the party responsible for filing the export declaration with the customs authorities..

Exporter need not necessarily be the actual seller of the cargo or the entity actually concluding the deal..

Shipper = is a person or company or entity that is shown in all the shipping documents (bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list) as the party responsible for procuring and/or placing the order for shipment and maybe also for arranging the freight payment etc..

Shipper shown on the bill of lading need not necessarily be a registered exporter.. A Freight Forwarder can also be shown as the shipper on a lines bill of lading..

There are a lot of international traders based all over the world (say London) shipping cargo from one country (say South Africa) to another country (say India) and on the bills of lading that are released for such shipments, the shipper could be the trader in London..

So the short answer to the above question is YES OF COURSE IT CAN..

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  1. I want to Import goods from Japan and sell to somebody in India, My customer (In India) wants to do the customs clearance itself but I do not want to disclose shippers details to my end customer. Is there any option to import it and sell it my customer without showing details of Japan shipper ? switch bill of lading can help in this case ??? please help

  2. yes can be. I’m working for a freight forwarder in Egypt and we are handling shipments of Pirelli which has many factories in many countries but the shipper always be as follows : Alexandria Tire Co. on behalf of Pirelli Tyre Basel Switzerland

  3. The destination import regulations need to be taken into consideration in such cases.

    I work in Qatar and for almost a year now, Third party chamberised documents are not accepted for inbound shipments here. Which essentially means that if you have a shipment originating from Port A and your agents are in Country B, the chamberized original docs must be issued from load port….ie, Port A. Shipping docs from Country B will not be accepted by customs here. And all the documents….Comm Inv, PL, COO & BL/AWB must show the same Shipper & Consignee details.

  4. Hi,
    we have a problem for the bill of lading, we don’t want to disclose the supplier details to my final customer, as my supplier will delivered goods from their factory to destination directly. How can we do not disclose supplier details to my customer!

    & my forwarder can not accept changed to House bill of lading instead of Master bill of lading? for what reasons they can not do that? & they said we must get supplier approved then can change?

    would like you help to solve my problem

  5. Hi Hariesh, I hope you can help me!

    My scenario: I am a South African based in Singapore where I have a company that represents some South African food brands exclusively in Singapore. For a specific product range, I have struck a deal with one of the retailers to buy a FCL from me, but it has to be FOB Cape Town. So the thing that seems to complicate the situation is the fact that my Singapore company does not control the freight (the retailer does) from Cape Town to Singapore. As a side note, I have also registered a company in SA and applied for an export permit / customs number with customs.

    My problem is that no one can confirm the documentation (or what is allowed and what not) for this shipment (I also do not want the financial transaction to, technically, take place in SA because my main company is based in SG). Is it possible that my supplier in SA can act as the EXPORTER, my SG company acts as the SHIPPER and the retailer will ultimately be the CONSIGNEE on documentation as you describe in your post? …even on an FOB, Cape Town sale? At the moment the shipment will be for a single branded range, which makes it simpler, but in future the shipment will consist of products from various suppliers, and I assume in that case I will use my SA company as the EXPORTER for the consolidated shipment.

    Looking forward to your reply!
    Thanks, May.

  6. the subject relates well with those that are involved in cross-trading. conversely relates to notify party and consignee.