Calculation of CBM – Update

In response to my previous article on how to calculate CBM, one of my readers had this question :



 How do you calculate the volume of a Roll eg. a carpet @  3.00m(length) x 0.60m (diameter)



The answer :

Firstly you need to make sure that all measurements are in metres as usual.. Secondly we will consider a roll as a cylinder and the length of the roll is to be taken as the height..

The formula for calculation of volume of a cylinder = pi x r[squared] x h where

  • pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle; approximately equal to 3.14159 (this is a standard measurement)
  • r is the radius (half of the diameter)
  • h is the height (equal to the length)

So in this case,

pi = 3.14159, r = .3 (half of the diameter) and h = 3

so using the formula pir[squared]h, the CBM = 3.14159 x .09 x 3 = 0.848 = less than a cubic metre

That will be end of the mathematics lesson.. 😮

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  1. i want to know how many rools in 20′ container if size in inches lenght is 61″,width is cylender 56″ and hight is 17″

  2. i want too calculate the CBM of this fabric roll pls help.
    pls help. total rolls are 200.
    Thickness 0.006cm (Width : 320cm x Length: 1500cm)

    • hi hussain. multiply these three lengths and you’ll get a total of 135x92x62=770040 , now divide this output by 1 million. (770040/1000000)= 0.77 cbm.

  3. How can we apply mathematical formula for finding CBM..??? ,
    here the length is 3M and Width and Height are .6M , so 3x.6x.6 = 1.08CBM
    Please advice if my calculation for finding CBM is correct ??

  4. Q: the calculation for the carpet applies similarly to all cylindrical shaped goods, including steel pipes? (I was made to understand otherwisw, i.e. volume in cubic metre = diam x diam x length)

  5. Under normal circumstances, the tonnage or cubic measurement will be used, which ever is greater and this applies in groupage shipments or air freight.

  6. can you please let me know, how to calculate the Freight Ton based on available Actual weight of the equipment?

    Any Examples? for calculate the freight ton based on actual weight of the equipment?

    • Hi Arun, sorry not clear on your question.. Please elaborate.. Freight Ton is weight or measurement whichever is higher.. That is the basic principle.. What are you looking for..??