Best Educational Blog for 2016 – South African Blog Awards

On the 28th of November 2016, I announced that my blog Shipping and Freight Resource is participating in the South African Blog Awards 2016..

The SA blog awards showcase the very best of South African independent web publishing in various categories..

My blog competed in the category for Best Educational Blog and I sought your support to win it.. ?

And today I am proud, pleased, excited, happy, chuffed and all other superlatives associated with the feeling of joy to announce that





Best educational blog in SA Blog Awards 2016


I wish to thank all my loyal readers and supporters who voted for my blog for their votes and also for the support, participation and encouragement..

Best educational blog 2016 Thank You



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57 comments on “Best Educational Blog for 2016 – South African Blog Awards”

  1. By hassan Reply

    Dear Mr HAriesh

    congratulations u deserve more appreciation for ur efforts to teach us

    Thanks Sir

  2. By Clive Avanasigan Reply

    Hallo Hariesh
    Congratulations ! well done and well deserved.
    Read about your upcoming breakfast seminar in JNB , will you be bringing this to DBN as well ?
    Please advise as will be really good


  3. By Yasmin Reply

    Congratulations, I wish you a joyous celebration for this award, you deserve it !!, and I look forward to many more years of fruitful cooperation. thank you very much

  4. By Shireen Reply

    Dear Hariesh congratulations on your award. Your blog provides us with a wealth of information and we always encourage our newcomers to follow your articles. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. By Gloria Guasch Reply

    Congratulations!! It’s well deserved. I have it in my favourites and look stuff up in it whenever I have questions, which is quite often… It always clear, interesting and well explained. Thank you for your excellent job.

  6. By Polly Reply

    Its really well deserved . A blog with very useful precise and authentic content. Hearty Congratulations.

  7. By Chris Walden Reply

    Really Really chuffed Hariesh, Well done I think its awesome. Congratulations and keep em comin!!!!!!!

  8. By Tanjil Reply

    Brother you are an inspiration..really proud of your achievement…God bless you and way to go!

  9. By Karen Read Reply

    This is SO exciting and so well deserved! Congratulations and thank you for all that you do.

  10. By Danielle Reply

    Congratulations!!! I’m a marine insurance underwriter in Toronto, Canada and your blog has helped me to learn so much. Keep up the good work!