Beginner’s guide to importing

There are several people who enter a business without proper initiation, training, knowledge or research.. This has led to several financial and job losses, business closures and unnecessary heartache..

The business of importing is one such area in which many business people have been caught unaware because they either didn’t know how to start it or didn’t bother to check how the business works and the checks and balances that needs to be considered..

SEEK . LEARN . KNOW . GROW is the motto of this blog and in line with this motto, I thought why not write a guide to assist those who are interested in
Beginners guide to importingunderstanding and learning the process of how import works and apply that knowledge to their business and hopefully avoid aforementioned disasters..

This guide which has been very creatively titled as “Beginner’s Guide to Importing” is recommended for first time importers, regular importers, traders, entrepreneurs, freight forwarders and trade financiers..

If your niche is in

  • Growing your import business
  • Developing new import markets
  • Handling import businesses

then this guide is for you..

In order to get a full understanding of the subject, it is recommended that you read this guide all the way through, at least once, and then it may be used as a reference guide as and when needed..

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Good luck with the importing.. There will be a few more guides like this, so stay subscribed..

Since this is my first E-Guide, please also give me a feedback via the comments section on what you thought of the book and how it helped you..

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7 comments on “Beginner’s guide to importing”

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    I cannot update my email to download this guide. Could you help with this?

    By the way, I really enjoy your blog and am finding myself coming back more to supplement my logistics growth. It is one of the best logistics blogs I’ve come across.

    Thank you,

    Todd Sibbison

  3. By Prashanth Reply

    hello Hariesh,

    Congratulations for your blog on Shipping n Freight and also sharing your passion n knowledge for the subject.

    Very thoughtful of you to prepare and share the “Beginner’s Guide to Importing” . It is a very good guide – step by step n easy to understand with illustrations.

    Wishing you best wishes for your future endeavor!

    Best Regards,