About Shipping and Freight Resource

Shipping and Freight Resource is an educational blog in the shipping and freight industry.. Since 2008, this blog has been the “go to” site for many readers, 3.4 million of them in fact (and counting) for educational information and knowledge relating to Shipping, Freight and Logistics..

Shipping and Freight Resource :

  1. About Shipping and Freight ResourceAssists aspiring newcomers to the shipping, freight and logistics sectors to understand the processes and procedures involved in the industry
  2. Enhances the knowledge of those already in the industry
  3. Addresses the educational and skills gap in the sector
  4. Provides valuable information, advice, insight and discussion relating to the industry

This blog discusses interactively, practically and in simple terms, the processes and procedures involved in the shipping and freight industry..

Topics covered in this blog ranges from imports to exports to hazardous goods to types of containers to types of ships, and other items of interest relating to the shipping, freight, container..

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