6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Freight Shipments

This is a guest post detailing 6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Freight Shipments..

Shipping precious products from place to place is not often an easy task, especially when considerations like cost, time, location and safety all combine to make choosing ideal routes and shipment methods a complex feat.

So how can you improve efficiency when planning everyday shipments? Start by changing up shipment types, mapping out destination proximity and better coordinating with shipping vendors.

Once you nail down a few efficient tactics, you’ll also begin to improve other areas of your logistics management, which requires organization and concentrated efforts on the part of both internal and external teams.

This process is known as supply chain optimization and it can be handled by your company’s own logistics manager or by a third party that stands as an experienced logistics partner.

Whatever orchestrator of optimization you choose, it’s best to plan out new efficiency goals and work on solving your biggest logistics issues one at a time. If you generate a list of KPIs to focus your team’s efforts on only the most important numbers, you can spend time correcting the issues that weigh down your supply chain the most.

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Use the infographic below to start the conversation about supply chain optimization with other members of your team. It showcases a few different simple ways to begin enhancing your freight shipments. These techniques can be used across many different types of freight whether over land, air or sea.

Keep them in mind when your company is planning new product paths and embarking on big changes in your logistics management.

6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Freight Shipments

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