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10 best countries to export from

The business of trading, exporting, importing, moving cargo across borders, closing all-important deals and dealing with customers around the world is becoming the norm as globalisation is making the world smaller and smaller..

This also means that understanding local markets, realising the potential of growing markets and quickly operating in these hidden gems is of vital importance to open up doors and opportunities which give your business the edge over your competitors..

For this you need the right information about the country, its products and any peculiarities of that market..
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9 precautions to take against loss due to abandoned cargo

Abandoned cargo could be quite stressful for shipping lines, shippers, port authorities and forwarders alike and many shipping lines, forwarders and shipping agents consider it a big headache to deal with unclaimed and abandoned cargo..

A cargo maybe considered as abandoned when the consignee does not take delivery of the cargo covered in the bill of lading even after repeated reminders and notifications..
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Containers with smart technology

|| October 6th, 2015 || Shipping and Freight, Shipping Knowledge || || Estimated reading time: 2 minutes || comments 3 Comments on Containers with smart technology
Innovation in containers and ships continues to keep the shipping and freight industry relevant, current and make it more secure and useful for everyone in it..

I am sharing below an article about a unique smart technology which transforms containers into smart connected objects..
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Safe shipment of cars in containers

The shipping and freight industry has been booming for the past several years, driven by globalization of the market place. With a large quantity of goods being bought and sold on a worldwide basis, companies and individuals are constantly looking to increase efficiency when moving products.
Among the almost infinite number of items to be shipped from one place to another, including overseas, is cars. Until the internet widened our target audience, used or restored cars were typically bought and sold locally and only the very wealthy could ship them great distances.
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