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A day in the life of a Trade Financier

What happens in a day in the life of a Trade Financier..??

Firstly a Trade Financier is someone who deals with Trade Finance which in very simple terms means, “financing of international trade”..

Trade Finance companies are present all over the world in all major trading hubs, but we only work on days that ends with a Y..

Well what do we actually do..??

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A collection of Bills of Lading

Here’s something VERY INTERESTING for maritime historians, nostalgic seafarers, shipping documentation people and generally everyone interested in our wonderful industry..

Mr. Ahmet Aytoğan from Turkey is an avid collector of BILLS OF LADING.. Yes.. You heard right.. Bills of Lading (not sure if this hobby has a name yet like Philatelist etc……)

He has been collecting bill of ladings for twenty three years now…………………………

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