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20 ways the shipping container has taken over the world

|| April 30th, 2015 || Freight Container || || Estimated reading time: 0 minutes Less than a minute || comments 7 Comments on 20 ways the shipping container has taken over the world

In today’s shipping environment, nothing is more popular than the ubiquitous container.. You have read several articles in this blog about the freight container that apart from being used in shipping, is very widely being used for many other types of activities.. Recently I came across an infographic that outlined 20 ways in which the…

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A day in the life of a DG Approver

In my first post of the year, I mentioned that I will have many exciting new articles for you this year..

In line with my promise, I have decided to start a new series of posts titled “A day in the life of…..”.. In this series I will cover what happens in a typical day in the life of someone in the shipping and freight industry..

The first post in this series is about “A day in the life of a DG Approver (DG Desk)”..

This post will explain the activities of the person handling the DG (Dangerous Goods) Desk in the shipping lines office..

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Most advanced container terminal in the world

|| April 27th, 2015 || Shared Articles, Shipping and Freight || , , || Estimated reading time: 4 minutes ||

Couldn’t resist sharing below article from The Maritime Executive.. Original article maybe found here –

The future of ports and terminal management.. Well done to the Netherlands and APM for this pioneering moment in container handling.. Especially impressed with how the environmental impact has been contained..

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Outside the Box: The Shipping Container Revolution

This infographic article provides an insight into the shipping container revolution detailing some of the many impressive buildings which have been created from shipping containers around the world.. It also offers the pros and cons of building with shipping containers as well as some tips from architecture and environmental experts..

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Relationship between Consignee and Notify Party

Is there a relationship between consignee and notify party in a bill of lading..?? Simple enough question.. But the answer may not be as simple..

Read on to understand the various types of relationships between consignee and notify, whether contractual or not..

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