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Intermodal Europe 2014 brings innovations to the growing market

Intermodal freight transportation is reported to be one of the largest growing markets in the world, estimated to be worth $12.28 billion* in 2014 and growing to $26.19 billion* by 2019. The increasing buoyancy of the industry was highlighted at Intermodal Europe 2014, the leading exhibition and conference for global container transport and logistics, across the road, rail and sea sectors.

This year’s Intermodal Europe exhibition, held in the vibrant port city of Rotterdam, provided a platform for over 100 exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services, and thousands of industry professionals in the container, transport and logistics industry, to come together, and shape the future of the intermodal freight transportation market.

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Bill of Lading date for transhipment cargo

Question from a reader : Do you know if Bills of Lading record the dates when cargo is offloaded at transhipment port and loaded on another ship.

Would the bill of lading arriving at the final discharge port show the date of first loading or date of loading at transhipment port.

Answer inside 🙂

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Reefer container Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI)

This article poses some questions from a reader about PTI..

How long is a PTI valid for a Reefer unit..??
If PTI period has expired can unit be released without RE-PTI
Is PRE-COOL an alternate to PTI ?
Who will be responsible for shipment without PTI

Answers inside..

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Can there be multiple notify party in a bill of lading..??

A Notify Party is merely someone that needs to be notified about the arrival of the cargo covered in the bill of lading.. The details of the notify party are provided by the entity that provides the shipping instruction to the shipping line.. They may or may not have any contractual relationship with the shipping line or the shipper..

But can there be multiple notify party in a bill of lading..??

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Significance of Bill of Lading Clauses

Significance of Bill of Lading Clauses

Everyone involved in the shipping and freight industry would have come across various clauses and stamps on a Bill of Lading.. There is a specific reason why each of these clauses are typed or stamped on a Bill of Lading..

Here we will discuss these clauses in relation to “containerized” shipments only..

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