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Post fixture clause for shipbrokers

ITIC has recommended that brokers place a post-fixture clause at the end of recap messages in order to reduce the chances of exposure to severe financial loss as a result of important messages being overlooked.

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Importance of a Bulbous Bow

|| October 28th, 2014 || Shipping and Freight, Shipping Knowledge || || Estimated reading time: 2 minutes ||

One thing that often catches the eye of a common man regarding most of the ships, is the bulb like projection at the forward end of the ship, often below the waterline.There is no doubt in the fact that at some point of your life, you have questioned yourself regarding the reason behind the presence of this structure. Well, since it generally resembles the shape of the bulb, and always placed at the bow of the ship, it is known as a Bulbous Bow.

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Who should endorse a bill of lading for cargo release..??

This is an article about endorsements on a bill of lading based on below question from a reader of this blog..

In an import FCL shipment in which a House Bill of Lading is, who should endorse the House Bill and who should endorse the Master Bill..

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12 check points to choose the right warehouse for your products

There’s a lot of different factors to take into consideration when you are looking at a contract logistics supplier to store and ship products to your consignee..

You want them to effectively and efficiently store and ship your merchandise the best way, of course, but there is more to choosing the right supplier than meets the eye during a walk-through of their facility..

Here is a checklist of 12 areas to check and validate that they are a best-in-breed supplier for performing transactions of warehousing and transportation management for you..

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LCL Cargo

Difference between LCL and Consolidation

Difference between LCL and Consolidation..

Let’s look at this question from a reader, in detail and if there is any difference between LCL shipment and a consolidation shipment..

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Liability of the freight forwarder on Abandoned Cargo

If a cargo has been abandoned at the destination, is the freight forwarder that booked the cargo responsible or liable to the shipping line..??

Let’s see the answer to this important question..

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