Some unusual and different container types

In my previous article(s) i gave an insight into Container sizes and dimensions and also covered some Special Containers and the cargoes that is loaded on these containers.. Now i want to show you some unusual (at least for South Continue Reading

Important South African contact numbers relating to Shipping and Freight

Dear all, i have created a new PAGE titled “SA Contact Numbers“.. This you will see alongside my other pages About me, About this blog, Guests, List of Topics etc).. This page lists some important contact numbers of the various entities Continue Reading

Why won’t a shipping line pre-date or back-date my bill of lading..??

Firstly, what is pre-dating or back-dating..?? It is when the shipper requests the shipping line to show the Shipped on Board date on the bill of lading as a date before the actual sailing of the vessel (example : the Continue Reading