Monthly Archives: January 2012

Part bill of lading

As advised in one of my very first articles – Article 2 – The Documents – a Bill of Lading – abbreviated to read B/L is a document that serves as a document of title, evidence of a contract of carriage and an evidence for receipt of goods by the carrier.. This is issued by the shipping line […]

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Port delays and its consequences

Lets assume you are shipping a container from Durban to Nairobi which as per the map is not too far and you would expect it to reach Nairobi in a few days time by ship right..?? Wrong !! Currently it could take your container anything between 48-50 DAYS, yes DAYS to get it from Durban […]

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Vehicles with combustion engines to be shipped as Hazardous cargo

Vehicles with combustion engines to be shipped as Hazardous cargo It has been advised that as per IMDG Code Amendment 35, effective 1st January 2012, all equipment fitted with an internal combustion engine will fall within the scope of the IMDG Code and must be notified to carriers as dangerous goods, UN 3166, Class 9.. […]

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2011 – The year that was, for this shipping and freight blog

Greetings everyone.. Trust you had a grand entry into 2012.. The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for my blog covering what went on in the background of this blog , and below is what they had to say.. This blog was viewed about 160,000 times in 2011.. If it were an […]

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