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How to use Twitter to your advantage, how it can help you and how this site uses it..

Twitter, Tweet, Twitterati, Twitterer – many words to describe the social phenomenon that is.. The dictionary describes twitter as : twitter [ˈtwɪtə] – vb 1. (intr) (esp of a bird) to utter a succession of chirping sounds 2. (intr) to talk or move rapidly and tremulously 3. (intr) to giggle her schoolmates twittered behind their […]

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What happens to shipping containers lost at sea.??

Hey all, came across an article (What happens to shipping containers lost at sea?).. Although this article is more concerned about the environment (which is very important), it also begs the question of how such things happen and who is responsible for this and what is the remedy.. In my opinion, such incidents occur mostly […]

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Seal reporting requirements for containerised cargoes

Hi all, came across an interesting topic titled “Importance of Seal Integrity for Customs” by Mike Poverello which i thought i should share with all of you..  Makes for some interesting reading.. Importance of Seal Integrity for Customs Supply chain security in the maritime environment is underpinned by the need for seal integrity. The road to […]

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Difference between carrier and merchant haulage

Difference between Carrier Haulage and Merchant Haulage

Difference between Carrier Haulage and Merchant Haulage Although it has been covered briefly in one of my earlier posts about the Import Process, this post is an elaboration of the same.. Carrier haulage and Merchant haulage both are related to carriage of a container from Point A to Point B but the difference is in […]

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