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Article on ENS data filing with EU

Good day all, further to my previous post EU – Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) – the new buzz word, below is an interesting article comparing the AMS filing for USA vs the ENS filing for EU.. Makes for interesting reading.. Shipper claims “Silliness” over carrier compliance requirements for EU advanced data rules BY THE SHIPPERS’ VOICE ⋅ JANUARY […]

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who is a co-loader on a liner service..??

At times, those of you involved in container shipping might have come across the terminology co-loader.. You might have come across this mostly only when there is a problem taking your container in/out from the port.. A co-loader is a shipping line that has loading and discharging rights on vessels that are NOT operated by […]

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Under FOB terms – who should bear the charges for issuance of B/l : Shipper or Consignee??

This question is one that has been raging in the Freight & Logistics Professionals Group in the business networking portal LinkedIn for some time now.. There have been many comments to the same, some logical, some not.. I thought i would throw this question out to the readers of this blog and see what your views […]

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EU – Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) – the new buzz word

I am sure by now most of you , specially the shippers to Europe have heard of the new buzz word in town – ENS (Entry Summary Declarations).. The EU is talking about it, all the shipping lines are talking about it, customers are running helter skelter.. Even Mike Poverello from SARS wrote a guest […]

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